The Secret

James Franco put on his bear suit and returned to his cave where he plans to sleep until the New Year. Happy Holidays.


Masterpiece Theatre

In preparation for his first solo art show in Berlin at the Peres Projects gallery, James Franco has begun to ready his masterpieces, which include sculptures entitled The Many James Francos (How I Get So Much Done) and video installations.


Target Acquired

James Franco headed to Target to get some last minute shopping in before the holidays. Franco fought back the crowds to hunt down gifts for the three names remaining on his list: Anne Hathaway, Betty White and Kalup Linzy. But after fifteen minutes battling the crowds he gave up. Instead of buying gifts, Franco will make them from scratch, like he usually does. The extra effort doesn't really bother him, but Franco is upset at himself for cheapening the spirit of Christmas by trying to buy presents in the first place.


Franco's Message

After the release of Palo Alto and its lukewarm reviews, James Franco wants to go back to the basics and rethink his writing skills. He has reunited Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to break down his prose into raps. He will release the album, Palo Alto 2: Electric Bugaloo in 2011. A true renaissance man, Franco has also designed the outfits.


Miracle on 34th Street

In the spirit of the holidays, James Franco has finally settled his long simmering feud with Betty White.


Come dine with me

To celebrate his Golden Globe nomination, James Franco had a dinner party with esteemed guests Sean Penn, Abe Vigoda and Cornel West. They talked about race relations, Jay Z, Haiti, and Snickers.


It's Not Unusual

After a fallout with the Backstreet Boys that has seen James Franco's short lived boy band career come to an end, Franco has announced he will be releasing an album with transsexual performance artist Kalup Linzy.
To help prepare for the new project Franco has enlisted Vegas legend Tom Jones for both vocal coaching and general sex bombness. He was immediately awarded for the work he was putting in with a Golden Globe nomination.


James Goodall

 On last week's airing of Inside the Actors Studio, audiences learned that James Franco once tagged along with a gigolo for a role he was researching and Franco even admitted to watching the gigolo have sex for money, as part of the research. What was left out was Franco's affinity for camping, which is what Franco spent all weekend doing. While he's out in nature, he likes to study the mating habits of wild animals. The actor likes to refer to these notes when he feels he needs to channel the raw animalistic nature of a particular character he is playing.


Franco Creates a Diversion

James Franco recently recorded a video in which the actor charms himself using a mirror. The video was meant as a personal exercise, but somehow ended up as part of New York Times project called Fourteen Actors Acting.  To draw attention away from the video, he has signed on for more episodes of General Hospital.


Run Rabbit Run

On Tuesday's episode of Inside the Actor's Studio it was revealed that James Franco is actually turned on by rabbits. Other turn ons that were edited out of the episode: rocking chairs, blades of grass, and old leather bound books.


James Franco's recess

James Franco took some time out of his promotional tour for 127 Hours and the Oscars to drink a juicebox and reflect on his career.


Fingers crossed

It was revealed recently that James Franco was reading Twilight because he was campaigning to be cast in one of the films. Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon threw Franco a bone and offered him the Academy Awards co-hosting gig instead. Franco has now turned his sights on the Chronicles of Narnia movie franchise. He is really hoping to land a role and show off his British accent, and if he gets passed over, Franco has his fingers crossed that some other opportunity will be offered instead, like maybe Prince William's best man.


Jewels by Franco

In an effort to come off of the high of being officially announced a co-host of the Oscars, James Franco spent all weekend learning the intricacies of jewelry making. He got the idea from his cousin Jan, who told him that she found something very relaxing about the process of stringing beads and crystals together. In true Franco fashion, the actor threw himself into the process and spent the rest of the weekend building an extensive inventory of jewelry. He was so excited by his collection he threw a jewelry party at Jan's house and invited all of her friends to come and check out his wares. Ever the multi-tasker, Franco also used this opportunity to talk up his new collection of short stories, Palo Alto. All proceeds from the jewelry party were donated to a local charity.


Kim vs Nicki

Tired of the animosity between two of hip hop's biggest female stars, Franco has organized a rap battle between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj in an effort to settle their dispute once and for all.


Inside Franco's Studio

Still reeling from the popularity of his recent stop at Inside the Actors Studio, which had hundreds of frenzied fans without tickets, James Franco has decided that he is going to start his own Actors Studio.  First step: buying stacks and stacks of cue cards.


And the winner is....ME....Again.....Always

On the heels of the recent announcement of James Franco's Best Actor nomination for his work in 127 Hours from the 2010 Film Independent Spirit Awards, producers of the award show are hoping the actor will come around to their idea of co-hosting the awards, a la the Oscars, this time with host Joel McHale. Franco is considering the offer, though he is making demands that McHale is banned from making fun of him on The Soup, he'd like a guest role on Community and also Cougar Town. Cougar Town isn't related to McHale, he just thoroughly enjoys the show.