Master of Education

James Franco's educational pursuits made news once again. Yesterday it was announced that Franco will teach a course at the Tisch School of the Arts on directing. Today, he is finally able to reveal his Pennsylvania-based center for higher learning, the James Franco School of Time Management and Advancement in Human Efficiency.


Children's games

James Franco was feeling whimsical today so he started a game of hide and go seek. It is unclear who is doing the seeking.


You need a pill for that?

James Franco saw Bradley Cooper's new movie Limitless today. He thought it was weird that Bradley's character needed a pill to unlock the full potential of his brain as Franco has the natural ability to use the full potential of his brain and figured everyone else did too. Franco was, however, impressed with Bradley Cooper's hair.


Stacey And Clinton and Franco

James Franco went to the head offices of TLC today with the intention of pitching a new show idea on the mating habits of seagulls. Somehow he ended up on an episode of What Not To Wear.


This Week's Ceremony

James graduated from something today. He's just not sure what. He can't remember.


Do Not Disturb

James Franco has decided that he will read David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest in one sitting, a massive undertaking. He has proclaimed that all school, performance art and film projects will be on hold for the day.


The Hangover

James Franco, waking up from his post-St. Patrick's Day drunken stupor, is cleaning himself off and trying to figure out where exactly is Redding and how does he get home from there.


I'm the leprechaun

James Franco took his Wizard of Oz prequel costume out into the public today, testing out the fit and comfort of the three piece green suit. He has not yet realized that today is also St. Patrick's Day.


Real life romcom

The percentage of project announcements that James Franco is involved in has dropped dangerously low, so Franco's publicist set up a date with Jennifer Aniston's publicists, on the advice of Franco. If anyone asks later, their tryst was regarding a potential movie project that Franco would write, direct and star in. Another James Franco fact? Big fan of Marly & Me.


Bracket Games

James Franco plans on spending all day working on his NCAA bracket. He's currently in 54 different office pools across the United States, which is strange because he only works at 42 of those offices.


He Can Be Your Hero Baby

James Franco realized that in the past 12 days, he's slept 6 and a half hours and eaten three cheese strings, four Eggos and a cheeseburger. After realizing this, he immediately ran out and ate a party sized sub.



Today James Franco rode a segway, while on a segway. Yes. It is ridiculous.


Mr. Clean

James Franco has been bit with the spring cleaning bug, although he's a bit early. He cleaned his place top to bottom and knocked on neighbors' doors to spread the cleaning love. He is currently cleaning his way through the top three floors of his apartment building.His neighbors for the most part are bewildered, but glad to see the dust gone and their floors scrubbed.


Pumping Up with Hans & Franz & Franco

James Franco decided he wanted to be Mr. Universe and devised a plan to fit the most amount of exercise into one day. The photo evidence reveals his results so far.


Flying high

James Franco, like many of us, is getting tired of this winter weather. To get out of the winter doldrums, James flew to Arizona, shed his winter jacket and ran through the fields with his trusty kite.



James Franco took to the streets of New York to recover from yesterday's Charlie Sheen binge. Turns out its a hell of a drug.



James Franco's got an app for that

With the Oscars out of the way James Franco is free to focus on other endeavors, like his long promised James Franco Kama Sutra iPad app.


James meet Dave

James Franco is back in New York, having lunch with David Letterman on the sidewalk, trading Oscar war stories. Franco maintains that he was pleased with his efforts, Dave maintains that Uma meet Oprah was funny.