About Us

WJFDT is a collective that has been tasked with keeping tabs on the multitasker James Franco. 

WJFDT is made up of: 

Kelly Anderson 
Likes: Eating too much popcorn at the movies, MTV's Real World/Road Rules challenges.
Dislikes: The noise of wet hands on plastic.

Vakis Boutsalis 
Likes: Peanut butter, spaghetti and funny movies.
Dislikes: Jelly, corn syrup and racism.

Kathryn Hudson 
Likes: Miniatures of almost anything, the elusive "comfortable high heel", fancy poutine.
Dislikes: Bunions and pants that bunch in the crotch.

PJ Salacra
Likes: BBQ sauce on everything, South Park
Dislikes: Hippies 

Stephen Wong
Likes: TiVo, babies with old people names
Dislikes: Gwyneth Paltrow, social media

Contact us at whatjamesfrancodidtoday@gmail.com