Dragging it up at the Oscars

Today James Franco is sitting back congratulating himself on a job well done. The only thing he would've done differently? Padded bra.


If He Could Turn Back Time

James Franco said the Oscars cut his performance of Cher's song You Haven't Seen the Last of Me since Burlesque wasn't nominated. After releasing an audio clip of him singing the song earlier in the week, James Franco went ahead and released a still of the look he was planning on sporting on stage.



James Franco caught wind that his favorite magazine Vanity Fair has created a Future James Franco Endeavor Bingo, to allow those to guess what crazy stunt he'll do next. James Franco feels that it is something that his favorite website, What James Franco Did Today, has been doing for ages now. He is considering canceling his VF subscription, but believes he will definitely be at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, nonetheless. 


Franco the stylist

James Franco met up with stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe to figure out some Oscar outfit looks. The looks aren't for him, of course, but instead for Zoe's clients Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore. Franco is nervous that they don't have any final looks decided on yet. There is a Marchesa sketch that seems promising for Cameron but he's worried that the fabric won't have the wow Rachel is looking for. Franco plans to spend the afternoon pulling accessories from Cartier and Harry Winston. They already have 3 metric tons of jewelery, but as Zoe has taught him, there is no such thing as too much bling.


100% chance of James Franco working

Out in LA prepping for the Oscars, James Franco heard that morning weathercaster Elita Loresca was sick. Given that Franco is an amateur meteorologist, its only natural he would fill in.


Didn't See Franco at the Game? He was there.

James Franco wanted to attend the All-Star game but felt it was lazy to just sit in the stands and watch so he showed up as the Toronto Raptor mascot and assisted with the in-game entertainment. Today he is taking the costume to the dry cleaners.


Wig times

Having realized that of all the creative things he has done in the past little while - writing, art shows, General Hospital, movies, school, etc - the one thing he hasn't been able to do is really start a trend. Today, James Franco has gone through scores of fashion magazines and books to find inspiration from other decades. His research brought him all the way back to wig times. It is unlikely the look will catch on.


The Do Everythings

While in LA James Franco had decided to dip his toes in the celebrity headphones game. He has signed an exclusive deal with Nokia and is just working out the kinks on his new "THE DO EVERYTHINGS" by James Franco headphones.Like the actor, these headphones specialize in multitasking.
They store 4 GB of music, translate foreign languages instantly, amplify sounds for spying purposes, and, in a wee bit of cross promotion with Franco's other recent venture, the Head Massage 2000, the headphones have an invigorating vibrating feature.


Newest Clipper fan

James Franco has flown to LA a couple weeks ahead of his big night at the Oscars to help new NBA sensation and LA Clipper Blake Griffin with some on court moves. Mainly Franco is concerned with Blake's performance during the upcoming All Star weekend, when the high flyer will be featured in both the game and the dunk competition. While Blake is appreciative of the help being offered by an A list star like Franco,Griffin is confused as to how Franco got passed Clipper security.


Life's a pitch

After dominating the daytime TV space with his appearance on General Hospital, holding down late night with appearances on talk shows and scoring a memorable stint on prime time with Freaks and Geeks, James Franco is setting his sights on late late night, with his new informercials. Franco directed and stars in the Head Massage 2000 infomercials, which air exclusively on ABC from 2 a.m. to 4:35 a.m. Franco also has a patent pending on the Head Massage 2001.


Banjo playin' Franco

As part of James Franco's incessant preparations for his Oscars co-hosting gig, Franco carefully studied the Grammy Awards last night. Today he decided that the performance that stayed with him the most was Mumford and Sons. After watching Mumford's banjo player Winston Marshall make sweet love to his banjo during their performance, Franco has determined that he too will learn the banjo which he will incorporate into his upcoming Kalup Linzy album, the Oscar Awards ceremony, a one-man banjo performance art show, and he'll perform a banjo Valentine's Day song for his girlfriend.


Unmasked at last

With the news that Banksy will not be allowed to accept the Best Documentary award at the Oscars if Exit Through the Gift Shop wins, the famed and mysterious graffiti artist has decided to reveal his true identity: James Franco.


Who am I?

James Franco has become so overwhelmed with his own rumored and announced projects that he held a press conference about co-hosting the Oscars in costume as the Wizard of Oz and in character as Jack Tripper from Three's Company. It is a confusing time for James Franco.


Relaxing in Sarasota

With a busy couple weeks ahead of him James Franco took the day to relax, playing Wii bowing with some seniors at a Sarasota retirement home. Despite trying his hardest, Franco cannot seem to beat Gladys, the reigning Sunny Sarasota Retirement Centre Wii bowling champ.


Let's Talk About Primus

James Franco has recently read Celine Dion's Let's Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste, a book in the 33 1/3 series. Loving the concept, he immediately set to writing a 33 1/3 book on Primus, and published it later that day.


Franco's Ruffled

 Like the rest of America, James Franco is riveted by Anderson Cooper's man-on-the-street coverage of the ongoing crisis in Egypt. He's been glued to his couch and many bags of Ruffles with onion dip since Friday and he's put on a few pounds.


Teacher Franco

The latest James Franco news is that he's supervising a course at Film School Columbia College Hollywood, called “Master Class: Editing James Franco…with James Franco.” He'll be appearing via Skype to help edit a 30 minute documentary about 127 Hours. The real reason he's Skyping in isn't that he's just a very busy actor/student/writer etc., its that he's also teaching philosophy and math at an inner city school, a la Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds.