Thursday's telenovela marathon - HALL OF FAMER

After recently wrapping up his stint on the popular American soap opera General Hospital, Franco has shifted his attention towards his less publicized stint on Spanish language telenovela El Cuerpo Del Deseo (The Body of Desire.) Filmed in Florida, El Cuerpo Del Deseo is about a man who comes back from the dead and discovers dark secrets about his beautiful widow. Franco appears as the scrupulous Francesco, a mysterious stranger with mystical powers and an ambiguous agenda. All of Franco’s scenes were filmed today in a day-long marathon shoot in order to accommodate his busy schedule.



Today James Franco invented Quitstarter. A website peddled as crowd sourcing meets the every man's dream of quitting on a whim, Quitstarter is really just a way for Franco to compile a list of people that need shaming. Franco has never quit anything, ever...Don't be fooled by pen names....


Tuesday's turn with ballet - HALL OF FAMER

Having decided that a lot of his work lately was too cerebral, James Franco decided he needed to test the abilities of his body by channeling Rudolf Nureyev. Members of the recent American Ballet Theater performance of Romeo and Juliet invited Franco to an 8-hour training session, which culminated in an evening ballet showing of Romeo and Juliet for an audience of three: Franco's girlfriend, his girlfriend's mother and choreographer/friend Debbie Allen.

Franco and Ziggy Stardust - HALL OF FAMER

James Franco spent the day listening to David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust to replenish his creative energies.


American Splendor

American Idol signed James Franco for the upcoming season, not as a judge, but as Mariah's personal handler. Nick Cannon is not impressed. Neither is Ryan Seacrest.  

Friday's fowl challenge - HALL OF FAMER

In a hot-sauce smeared afternoon, Franco chewed through the competition in Lakewood New Jersey’s Wing Fling eating contest — downing a stomach-turning 48 buffalo wings in 5 minutes. After being crowned 2010 King of the Wing by local celeb judges, a bloated Franco admitted he’d spent months training in Japan, perfecting the signature water-dunking technique that secured his victory over last year’s champion Bob Vance of Bob Vance’s Fine Used Autos. He hopes to use his title as King of the Wing as a springboard to a starring role in a biopic about International Federation of Competitive Eaters’ star Takeru Kobayashi.


Channel Franco

James Franco just finished listening to Frank Ocean's Channel Orange. While Franco is a fan of the album, he doesn't quite understand why all the fuss around Ocean's use of the pronoun HE in the song Bad Religion. Franco is not always one for subtleties...


Facebook just bought James Franco for $1billion U.S. When asked about the acquisition, Zuckerberg described the deal as talent acquisition. Franco is flattered.


Getting the band back together

Today Franco put on his James Van Der Beek mask, called Joshua Jackson and went to visit Katie Holmes in New York...#weird


Mr. Operator

James Franco has been operating a crane, while working on a condo development in Northern Wisconsin. This pic was taken with Instagram.


Franco releases Birth Certificate

Tax returns to follow....

Report under peer review

James Franco is uploading his findings after spending the last 24-hours on a bath-salt binge as part of a scientific experiment. Luckily for us said binge did not result in any of the violent episodes commonly associated with the drug. Franco attributes the lack of violence to counter-balancing dose of elderflower (a mythical plant, harvested during a recent trip to the deep interior of the conifer forest in the Swiss Alps, that is said to facilitate deep internal discovery.)



Yup...bath salts.

Finding himself

After a prolonged absence James Franco had a heart to heart with good friend Seth Rogan. The good news is Jimmy has decided to get back to his true calling as a doer of things. His plans for today include, finishing a screenplay, contributing to Childish Gambino's next mixtape, baking a pie and analyzing the social-economic impact of bath salts. It is unclear whether this involves taking bath salts.


What James Franco has been up to for the last year

We aren't saying James Franco has written the new ebook Fishbowled under the pen name Vakis Boutsalis. We aren't not saying it either. www.fishbowledthebook.com