I need an aspirin

James Franco got a massive headache today after spending all morning blogging about a dream he had of when he was working on a painting during the filming of Howl that was inspired by his friend Seth Rogan. He is now sleeping it off.


Post-Emmy rest

Today, James Franco recuperated from a long night at the Emmys. He wasn't there as a nominee, presenter or guest, but instead waited in the wings as Jimmy Fallon's stand-in, body double, and he also played third trombone in the Emmy band.


Mad Franco

Today James Franco rehearsed a scene for an upcoming episode of Mad Men. The actor isn't actually signed on to appear on the show, he is just a big fan and really enjoyed a scene he wrote in his downtime. He rehearsed with the actors who play Duck, Ken Cosgrove and Don's former secretary, Alison,  who just wanted to hang out with James Franco for an afternoon. Franco was the only one in period costume.


More James Franco

Fresh off his Vanity Fair article and Esquire publishing his short story, to complete the trifecta, Franco spent the day chatting with Louise, a 65-year-old woman living in Vancouver. It was research for his upcoming More magazine article on menopause.



Late Show with James Franco

Eager to prepare for the upcoming press junkets for his new movies, Howl and 127 Hours, James Franco borrowed the Late Show set from David Letterman for a few hours and spent that time interviewing himself.


2579 Steps

Excited by the news that Danny Boyle's new movie 127 Hours will be playing at TIFF, James Franco decided to channel the energy of his character in the film, Aron Ralston, the mountain climber who amputated his own arm to free himself after being trapped by a boulder for nearly five days. Franco felt the best way to expel this energy was through a physical challenge, so he spent the day climbing all 2,579 steps of Toronto's CN tower, starting from the tower's base and ending up in the skypod. 


Book Club With James Franco

Esquire magazine recently revealed that James Franco was reading the Twilight series, setting off a series of reports linking the actor to the movie franchise. In actuality, Franco was preparing for his Friday book club meeting, which started three weeks ago when Franco met Becky, 14, Erin 12 and Erin’s mom Sammy in the young adult section of his local library. The four friends have also made arrangements to see the next Harry Potter movie together. They are all really excited.


Franco mustache talk

James Franco met up with Burt Reynolds in an undisclosed alley. The meeting was arranged so the ever curious Franco could discuss facial hair and male grooming with one of his mustachioed idols. Although the conversation topic and the location seemed unseemly, the discussion that ensued was top shelf.


Juan Franquez

James Franco was so impressed with the fair trade coffee he purchased this morning from a small coffee shop in the Lower East Side he promptly got on a plane and flew to Guatemala where he visited the Manos Campesinas Fair Trade Coffee Cooperative. While there Franco got a tour of the co-op and befriended a farmer named Julio. They are now Facebook friends.


Blog Franco

James Franco spent the day blogging for a joke blog he set up in response to the joke blog that was set up to blog about James Franco.


James Franco Punchout

Today James Franco made his professional mixed martial arts debut. With the sport's rising popularity across the globe, Franco decided that MMA fighter would be an unexpected twist to his ever-growing resume. To prepare for his bout, our hero travelled to the Far East and sought the tutelage of the great masters in hopes to learn the "Dim Mak" aka The Death Touch.
His training consisted of meditation to channel his inner powers as well as striking banana trees to condition his fists and shins."I'm going to be the heavyweight champion of the world!", he was quoted as saying coming out of the locker room on his way to the match.
Unfortunately, Franco was knocked out in the first round.


The decision: where James Franco is going to play

James Franco spent the day in Cleveland after his plane was forced into an emergency landing. While in the big Cleve Franco was brought up to date on the recent fiasco surrounding LeBron James and his decision to leave the Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat. Feeling sympathetic towards the plight of the lowly Cleveland sports fan, Franco announced that he will take his talents to Cleveland for the upcoming season as their new starting forward. It is unclear whether Franco has ever played basketball.


Franco = pi*r^2

Tired of the vagueness, James Franco decided to spend all day trying to write out all of Pi. When told that Pi is an infinite decimal Franco replied, "Then I will have to write to infinity, won't I?" So far he is at 3.14159265358979323846.


Franco beats 3D

Teen Choice Award-nominee James Franco announced today that he has successfully completed six months of diligent training and can now watch 3D movies without the need for 3D glasses. He claims to have spent four hours a day for the past six months working with both an ophthalmologist and a Zen Buddhist monk to achieve this impressive feat. Franco admits that he now sees the real world as slightly blurred, but he feels this annoyance is minor compared with the opportunity to watch Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore 3D without the aggravation of ill-fitting tinted lenses.


Franco goes to the birds

James Franco was spotted this morning on the Louisiana coastline, playing a cassette tape of self-made bird calls for the seagulls in the area. When asked what inspired this newfound interest in bird-calling, the up-and-coming author claimed that his tape was a self-penned story from the point of view of a seagull named Beatrice who lost her husband as a result of the BP oil spill. Franco penned the tale because he felt it was crucial for the birds to hear the story in their own language so as to properly understand this tragic point in their history. The story takes a sudden turn in the final act, as it turns out Beatrice used the oil spill as a cover to murder her husband after she finds him pecking around with a younger chick.


Franco in the park

Worried that a hectic schedule is eroding his abilities as an actor, James Franco decided to spend all day rehearsing Shakespeare in the park. He rounded up some classmates to join him, offering them each 20 bucks and free passes to his next movie. The spectacle of Franco and friends rehearsing Shakespeare in Central Park drew a large crowd. Unhappy with the added attention James Franco decided to move the rehearsals to the back yard of his friend Ron's parents house in Jersey.


Franco Vs.

Inspired by ABC's Shaq Vs, James Franco decided to spend the day challenging members of the entertainment industry at their own crafts.

He wasted all morning trying to convince John Mayer to participate in a guitar competition, but Mayer politely declined.

Franco then tried to challenge Chris Rock to see who could come up with the best YO MAMA joke. Rock was confused by the request and couldn’t understand why his mother was being verbally attacked by the guy from Pineapple Express.

In the late afternoon, Franco was finally able to convince the rapper Common to square off in a rap battle. The battle went down inside a small bar in the heart of Brooklyn. It turns out Franco is a horrible rapper – he was practically booed off stage. Nevertheless Common was excited to have participated and looks forward to doing it again.


One With Nature

James Franco spent the day in the woods dressed as a bear.


Tuesday's equestrian getaway

James Franco was caught on camera show jumping today while riding a horse named Smokey. It is unclear whether the spectacle was part of an upcoming film and/or art project, or if it was just recreational.


Animated Monday

Today, James Franco drew up the first script for his own animated show, where the main character Jim Francis teaches young children the importance of hard work, education and performance art. James Franco wrote, produced and animated the episode. He is currently shopping it to children's broadcasters around the world.