Mad Franco

Today James Franco rehearsed a scene for an upcoming episode of Mad Men. The actor isn't actually signed on to appear on the show, he is just a big fan and really enjoyed a scene he wrote in his downtime. He rehearsed with the actors who play Duck, Ken Cosgrove and Don's former secretary, Alison,  who just wanted to hang out with James Franco for an afternoon. Franco was the only one in period costume.


  1. Anonymous29.8.10

    OMG!! He's so freakin fabulous! How can he stand himself with all that talent and those gorgeous looks and that brilliant mind and that blinding light he exudes and he's just so kind and honest and sweet and driven and straight and .....wait, what? Oh, I thought I was on Leo's website....Ah hem...Oh, Franco. Yeah, he's swell. Kill me now.

  2. Anonymous29.8.10

    This blog hasn't been updated in two days...how the hell am I supposed to know what James Franco did today if the what James Franco did today blog is not updated?

  3. While clearly James Franco never takes a day off, sometimes the WJFDT crew needs to take a weekend off. It is exhausting work.