High School Musical, James Franco-style

It has been revealed that James Franco will executive produce a musical at Yale, called James Franco Presents. In a move surprising nobody, Franco has also committed to a high school musical production of Grease to ensure that he has enough experience to present a student-run musical with his name attached. Naturally, he is playing Danny Zuko. At first the kids at LaGuardia High School were intimidated by the notorious workaholic, but have since come around to see the method behind Franco's madness. LaGuardia's principal has denied Franco from having around the clock rehearsals, but he has allowed Franco to give spontaneous pop quizzes, testing his student/co-stars on their knowledge of 1950s drag racing culture and the ancient Greek origins of drama.


  1. Anonymous25.3.11

    Umm is this supposed to be a joke?
    I go to Lag and James Franco hasnt been here once.
    and we have our musical in December...
    and this year is was hairspray...

    ...and our principal is a woman

  2. The answer to your question is "yes."